About Me

I’m Sarah, aka The Bold Stitcher. I live by the sea in Kent, England with my husband, 2 children and our bearded dragon Dave. I love sewing and knitting and am always busy making something.

I fell in love with sewing at the age of 12. I sewed on and off for many years, becoming somewhat obsessed in my twenties. I was so fed up buying clothes that didn’t fit properly that I decided to learn how to make as much of my own clothing as possible. Mostly through trial and error (and a whole lot of mistakes!) I learnt how to make all my own clothing.

Eventually, I found I was shopping less and less and sewing more and more. So I set myself a goal to stop buying ready made clothing for 1 year. That 1 year soon turned into 2, then 3, until I lost count. I now make all my own clothing as well as anything else that can be sewn!

Without a doubt, I am at my happiest when I am at my sewing machine. Sewing is my form of therapy and meditation. With the added bonus that I get something to wear or use at the end!